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Welcome to the "Center of Creation" in my world.

As artists we need a personal space to call our own. If it is separate from the main dwelling, so much the better. A studio space within our home is fine if it is ours to be kept as we see fit and "intruders" do not show up uninvited. Also studios must be off limits for that daily/weekly cleaning we find necessary for our homes. What may appear disorderly to a visitor in my creative space is visual order for me.

Square foot size of the studio is unimportant. It is elbow room for the psyche that we need. Cherish your creative space!


My studio is 500 square feet of space on the lower level of my home. Windows along the length of the lower level provide more than enough daylight combined with overhead daylight bulbs.

Entering the studio through an archway we see the design wall. On this day, Unbridled Passion waits to be photographed.

Shelving along the north wall provides quick access to my fabrics, which are organized by hue and value. At every stage of production I can view my color "palette". This is a great advantage!

All tables and drawer units are on wheels that glide effortlessly across a vinyl floor making it simple to reorganize my workspace as needed.



A storage area connected to the studio houses various supplies. Shelves on the back wall tilt upward allowing for rolled quilts to be stacked neatly without them tumbling out.

Extended space to the right includes a sink and all painting and dyeing supplies.

The design wall is unique and one of a kind. Designed and fabricated by my husband, it is 6' wide by 7' high, is on wheels and moves with great ease. A felt "pillow case" covering, black on one side and gray on the other, allows for two background options to photograph quilts. Both sides can be easily pinned to and one side can handle a hot iron!

The best feature is...stepping back through the archway large works in progress can be viewed from 30' away. Quite an advantage!



Currently there are 2 sewing machines in the studio, each serving a specific need in the construction of my work.

One of these machines has been with me since 1990. A good sewing machine is a necessity. Do your research and talk with other quilt artists. This will aid in finding the machine that is right for you.

My home/studio is situated on a 170 acre lake that provides a respite when needed throughout the day. The local bird reserve and heron rookery promotes much activity on and around the lake.

I am fortunate today but can say that the studio prior to this was in a tiny loft with one very small window. It was just fine as I always got lost in the work!


A Final Thought.......Make your studio a place of creativity, tranquility and happiness. Fill it with the things that are meaningful and inspiring to you and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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