Denise is an award winning studio artist and teacher from Plainfield, Illinois. Her one of a kind work can be seen in galleries and national and international quilt exhibitions

Not conforming to any particular process, each individual piece will determine the techniques used as it evolves through construction. Technical methods can be a combination of machine and hand appliqué with various surface design enhancements such as painting, inking and machine embroidery. Strong visual impact is a primary goal in her work.

Denise Havlan

Artist Statement

Starting out as a fine artist I discovered a love for fabrics and 26 years ago became a quilter. I had to learn to sew to make quilts and was more than willing to do it. What fun I have had taking classes and meeting quilters! It changed my artistic life making it more fulfilling and successful. I enjoy using my original drawings and transforming them into an art quilt. An image presents itself, I sketch and draw it then render it in fabric. Color plays a dominant role in the work and for me is as important as the image itself. Teaching these skills to my students brings great satisfaction.

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