That Secret
That Secret 37 x 35 ©



That Secret

The "common threads" that run through my work are a love of the human form, appreciation of different cultures, ancient and contemporary, and their celebration of color.

To that end, what better subject matter for quilts than indigenous peoples and the decorations they use to adorn their bodies and influence their lives. For example, Polynesian cultures. Prior to the use of cloth... feathers, flowers and plants were used to create color that was both beautifying and had spiritual significance. With the introduction of trade cloth the islands enjoyed using colorful fabrics on a daily basis.

The influence of Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin on "That Secret" is obvious. He is well known for his bold use of color and adoration of the native people albeit not always to their benefit.

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In The News

"Plainly Not Simple" has won 1st Place, Innovative at the 2015 World Quilt Competition. Needless to say I am thrilled with this honor. You may see this quilt by going to the "Quilts" page and selecting Gallery Two - Figurative.

I have added two new classes. My offerings are technique workshops that will encourage students to learn how to incorporate originality into their quilts. I will work with a guild to personalize classes that are complimentary to their members skills.

Don't forget to visit my gallery for a colorful experience and contact me with any interest in my work. Pieces are available for sale and exhibit.