Plainly not Simple
Plainly Not Simple 52 x 70 ©



Plainly Not Simple

The newest work is completed! It is hard for me to resist the image of my beautiful granddaughter, Shannon. You can find a few quilts here with her image on them.

I start with a photograph of her face printed so lightly that one could barely see it on the base fabric. Paints, inks and thread are used to bring out the features and insure that they match the other painted skin areas. This work is also a homage to my beginnings. I learned to sew & quilt because of my love for Amish quilts. Seeing my first Amish quilt was life changing to say the least.

I also invite you to view "The Peaceful Ones" on this site. I did not feature this work on the website the last two years but it is worth a look.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you return in the near future!

In The News

Take a look at the lecture and workshops that I offer. I currently travel locally only. My offerings are technique workshops that will encourage students to learn how to incorporate originality into their quilts. I will work with a guild to develop classes that are complimentary to their members skills.

In the near future I plan to start showing "In Progress" work. This will highlight how I get started on a quilt and what is involved in the creative process. It will give some insight to those who want to create work that is original in design and outstanding in visual impact.

As of the first of this year I have revised prices on quilts. Interest in the availability of any of my works please contact me.